Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


  1. 1) The value of learning is very important in society. There is so much competition for jobs and for college that you need to be the best out there.
    2)My role as a learner is to keep my eyes on the goal. To know what's important and set goals for myself to reach them.
    3)A good student is someone who pays attention in class. They do all their work as good as it can be done. For me its really hard to pay atteention for a long time so im going to try really hard this year.
    4)To me a good teacher is someone who respects their kids. They dont treat them like little kids. Also they dont make the class boring, they make it exciting to laern in their class. I expect pretty much everything i said already, that you treat us with respect and make class fun.
    5)One expectation i have for this class is that we read good books. I want to like what im reading, because then it makes the class so much better.
    6)I think that if this class is more laid back it will be easiser to work and it will be a better environment for learning.

  2. The value of learning is to help prepare yourself for experiences in the future. My role as a learner is to prepare myself for college and a career after college. I think a good student is a student that pays attention in class, does all their homework, and puts school before outside activities (sports, clubs etc.). A good, quality teacher is supportive, strict but not to a point where they seem mean, and has a variety of things to do in class. I don't tend to enjoy just sitting reading out of a book every single day. In order for this to be a great class, I want to have a fun experience and learn new things that will actually have an impact on my life. I think for this class to be fun our class needs to be able to joke around some but still know when its time to work.

  3. The value of learning is key for students to progress through their educational career and get us ready to enter the workforce. My role as a learner is to do my best to study and learn to prepare myself for the future. A good student pays attention in class and does the work necessary and does the homework. A good teacher is understanding and knows how to make people learn best, and it is important to keep the students involved in the lessons. If everyone can learn from each other that will make it a good class. In order to be productive and fun our class needs to balance learning and having fun to make it best for the students.

  4. 1) Learning is very valuable because it prepares us for life.
    2) I am a very active learner and I always try my hardest.
    3) A good student is a student who always does their work above and beyond and on time. I expect myself to do all of my work on time.
    4) A good quality teacher is someone who doesnt give out busy work and always explains everything clearly.
    5)I expect this class to make me a better writer.
    6)This class needs to be laid back but when its time to work, the class needs to get its work done.

  5. 1. The value of learning is to be able to survive in the real world. We need information and knowledge to be able to get into college and know things that will help you survive and compete against students just like me. If I obtain more knowledge than the kid next to me, then I will have a better change of succeeding.
    2. As a learner I need to be open minded in the ways that I learn and also the thing that I learn. I may not know the value of most of the information now, but I have no idea what I will need to know in the future.
    3. A “good” student always does his work and goes above and beyond what the teacher expects from you. A “good” student genuinely wants to learn. They want to be a successful person.
    4. I expect to learn useful information. I don’t want to learn about things that I will never use in the real world. I want to walk out of this class more enhanced about the world and how to succeed.
    5. I want the class to be fun and interactive while still learning. I want to learn about every kid in the class.
    6. A productive learning experience is one that everyone is one the same page and everyone wants to learn equally as much. We all must have the same goal and mindset.

  6. 1. The value of learning is to gain knowledge that we do not know of yet. We need to learn so that we don't repeat the same mistakes that we have made in the past.
    2. The role as a learner is to question what is being taught. A learner needs to understand the material. A learner needs to pay attention and listen, but speak up when they have something to say.
    3. A good student isn't someone who sucks up to the teacher but someone who is free to ask questions. A good student has to listen to what others say and not bring them down when they come up with an idea.
    4. A good teacher tries new things with her class. The teacher shouldn't read something straight out of the book and expect everyone to know it. Students all learn in different ways.
    5. I expect that this class will be challenging with all the material that is needed to cover but it will be exciting with the access to computers.
    6. This class needs to use the technology we have available to make this class fun. It is no fun making poster projects, but using things like wikispaces and blogger.

  7. 1. The value of learning is the privalege you get to expand your knowlege and the attitude and willingness towards learning.

    2. As a learner, my role is to take in as much knowlege that is being given to me as possible.

    3. A good student is one who is open and willing to learn everything that they can. They are interested and excited to gain new knowlege. I expect myself to pay attention and not zone out when I have the opporotunity to learn new things. I expect that other students do the same.

    4. A good quality teacher is one that truely cares about the students and wants them to grow and learn everything they are teaching. I expect them to be prepared and plan interesting lessons.

    5. One expectation that I have for this class is that it keeps my attention. When i can sit through a class without zoning out and thinking about something else besides what is being taught, I know its good.

    6. This class needs to have a variety to be fun. When more things are going on it is easier to keep consistant in paying attention. When things are repeated over and over, its hard to learn.

  8. 1. The value of learning is being taught stuff beyond the knowledge of a textbook. Anyone can learn but the value of learning is what you take out from the stuff that you learned and use it in the real world.

    2. My role as a learner is to learn something new everyday and use my new knowledge in real life.

    3. A good student isn't just a student who gets straight A's. A good student is something who really understands what they are being taught. The may not get A's but the understand what they are being taught and try and use it everyday life outside of school. I expect myself and my classmates to take something out from each lesson that applies to them.

    4. I expect a good teacher to teach stuff that is required but take it to the next level. It doesn't have to be personal but take it to the next level so everyone can understand what's happening in class. I expect you to make class fun but challenging.

    5. I expect to be challenged. I don't want to be content with what I've done. I what to be challenged to take my thinking and learning to the next level.

    6. Everyone needs to work hard so when can get things done. As well, though, we need to have fun. This looks like everyone participating and interacting with everyone else.

  9. 1) The value of learning to me is to learn life lessons and valuable knowledge that will help me be successful and happy in life.
    2) My role as a learner if to come to school everyday and try my hardest. Another part of that role is to always be paying attention and taking school seriously. Obviously the basic stuff like turning stuff in on time, studying for tests, and putting school as a top priority are important parts in my role too.
    3) A "good" student is one that works hard every day. a "good" student doesnt necessarily mean they get straight A's but always trys their best.
    4) I expect a teacher to always be willing to help as long as im also willing.
    5) One expectation i have of this class is to become a better reader and writer because those are things i have sort of struggled with in the past.
    6) To make this class productive, fun, and a good learning environment it needs to be somewhat laid back with the ability to joke around and have fun but at the same time get what we need to get done and learn.

  10. The value of learning is very important it prepares us for the future in our life and allows us to live a better life. My role as a learner is to do the best I possibly can and give learning my best effort. A good student is somebody that puts in the time and effort towards getting good grades and seeks help when it is necessary. I expect myself and fellow students to put in the time and effort for the grades although some of them and my self will fall short. I expect a quality teacher to be honest with students and help them develop as a student in their subject. I expect you to be a very good teacher for me because the one quality that sticks out the most to me in people is how honest they are, also you are very passionate which will make me want to aspire to have the same passion. I expect this to be a very good class because the people in it will make it fun and I feel i will learn a lot as a student. This class for me to have fun in it will need to keep me involved.

  11. 1. The value of learning to me is how the world goes around. Without learning there would be no progress. There is always more to learn and no one has the answers to everything but as you learn more, sometimes it changes the way you think.
    2. My role as a learner means that I have to be open to other ideas and apply what I do learn to my life.
    3. I think when someone is a good student it means that they leave their mind wide open and take in as much information as they can. A good student should question things if they dont make sense.
    4. To be a good, qulity teacher in my eyes means that they apply what they teach to real life. People go to school to learn things and to help them improve in life. If teachers dont apply that to real life then I dont think it's easy to keep an open mind to learning.
    5. In this class in order to make it a great class I'd have to expect everyone to speak their mind and contribute ideas.
    6. In order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist I think that people need to feel like they can say whatever is on their minds.

  12. 1. The importance of learning to me is very important. The reason why
    I think it's important is because it's what shapes our future and the
    world. Without learning we would not be the same country we are now
    because we wouldnt learn from our mistakes that we have made in past and we also wouldn't have the motivation to discover something new.

    2. My role as a learner is not only to learn from the teacher but
    to also be responsible for my own education by finding my own answers.

    3. A good student to me is someone who is always on top of the game and works his hardest to get the grade. Even if they didn't get an A the fact that they worked their butt off I have so much more respect for students like that. What I expect myself out of American Lit is to give it my best, even though its not my favorite subject.

    4. What I view as a good teacher is someone who doesn't want their students to fail and will not give up on them. With that being said they need to be engaging, prepared, and love their job.

    5. I don't really know what to expect out of American Lit, but I really hope we read interesting books because I have had classes where the books we have read were really boring.

    6. In order to have a successful class I believe that the best way to learn is to be very active instead of always hearing teachers lectures or watching long power points.

  13. The value of learning is essential to help you get to where you want to end up in life. More learning provides you with the ability to open more doors for the path you want to take in life. My role as a learner right now is to take in what is given to me and process that information to better myself. A “good” student shows up with the attitude of wanting to learn and succeed. Out of myself I expect to try my hardest and take what is given to me and put it to use. A good quality teacher is a teacher that has a plan and is willing to adjust. If a teacher blows through the lesson and know body gets what is going on and the teacher keeps rolling then you have a problem. But if a teacher has a good attitude and knows what they are talking about then that is good enough. To make a great class people have to be willing to talk and share what they have to say. If that happens than generally a great class is created. The best way to have a productive, fun, learning environment is to make people feel relaxed. If people are relaxed they are more like themselves and can joke around but still get the tasks done that are given.

  14. 1. The value of learning is to explore your world and everything around you to expand your mind.
    2. My role as a learner is to challenge myself by steping out of my comfort zone in order to discover new things.
    3. A "good student" is one who is dedicated to their school work and tries hard because they see the importance of learning.
    4. A good quality teacher cares about his/her students education and helps them to grow as a person.
    5. I expect that this class will challenge me as a reader and writer, and hopefully help me with my future journalism career. :)
    6. This class needs to be be focused at the right times, while also having fun and being open to try new things. It is important that everyone feels they can voice their opinions without feeling judged.

  15. 1)The value of learning goes much farther than just school... we are learning to prepare us for our future careers and lives.

    2)MY role as a learner is to find a way to best prepare myself for the real world and know as much about it as I can.

    3)I feel that a good student is one that doesn't distract from the learning of others, as well as always expecting the best out of themselves.

    4)A good teacher is one that doesn't just tell the students what to do, they are involved with the students.

    5)In this class I expect to become a better reader and especially improve my writing ability.

    6)This class will be really fun if it is relaxed and laid back, but when there is work to be done we do it.

  16. 1. I believe that the value of learning is to keep a balance in society. If people don't learn, that means that people are weak-minded, in which makes it easier for others to control them. We would live in a complete dictatorship. If you look at countries that have a lack of education, the high power people can control others quite easily. Learning gives us the power to question, to realize how things work, and understand our history. Therefore, the value of learning is great.

    2. My role as a learner is to be respectful to others and listen to what is going on in their head. I must be open-minded and I must commit to everything I do, even if it isn't my favorite subject. It helps to create a comfortable environment for other students.

    3. A good student will be willing to learn and be respectful of everything that goes on in the classroom. They will be mature about important issues and they should try their hand at many different activities and methods. They need to take risks.

    4. I expect my teachers to take risks and make the classroom environment a comfortable place for everybody, even the quiet kids. Teachers should be somewhat organized. If the teacher isn't organized, the students will probably have a difficult time being organized. They should have faith in their students as well.

    5. The class would be awesome if we all were so comfortable with eachother that we're sort of like a family. That way, our thoughts can be heard comfortably.

    6. The class needs to allow everyone to participate in discussions and projects. We need to try new things sometimes and keep the class unique so people are excited to come to class.

  17. 1. The value of learning is to help and provide us with more knowledge about the world in which we live today, and what our ancestors were like as well. We are acquiring new skills when we learn that will teach and guide us in the future. Without the proper education, it is generally hard to find a good job that will allow you to support yourself the older you get.
    2. My role as a learner is allow myself to be taught and to understand the concepts that I am learning.
    3. A good student is someone who always tries to be in class and doesn't ditch. A good student pays attention and when they don't understand, ask questions to keep them moving in the right direction. A good student may not always have perfect grades, but as long as they are trying to work hard it counts.
    4. I expect a good teacher to be able to joke around with a class but also get work done. A good teacher should also be available as frequently as they can, and have an open mind to student questions that might be tough to answer.
    5. One expectation of this class that I have is to leave the class with a better understanding American Lit, and able to ask more questions.
    6. For this class to be productive, I think that we need to have discussions where you aren't necessarily judged on what you say, group projects, days to get homework done, and a relaxed atmosphere that is exciting, interesting and fun, but that also gets work done when need be.

  18. The value of learning for me is to prepare for future activities like having a family, a job etc. My role as a learner is to learn things that will help make growing up, living and working on my own easier. To me, a good student is someone who doesn't slack off and does all the homework on time. A goos student also studies a good amount for a test they have the next day and cares about what grade they get on it. A good quality teacher is open for students to talk to him/her and explains things thoroughly. A good teacher also should understand if a student doesn't grasp a concept even if it was explained multiple times. I want this class to be an enjoyable learning experience. I want to be excited to come to this class instead of dreading it. I think that for this class to be fun we need to know when it's time to work as opposed to when it's time to have fun.

  19. 1) To gain knowledge but also question life after learning about the things that make the world what it is.
    2) To ask questions and not be afraid to wonder why things are the way they are.
    3) To talk at the appropriate times and to stay focused and listen
    4) To use a little bit of humor once in a while because it makes class a lot more fun and to answer your questions as best as possible
    5) If we listen and be creative with our thinking. I just want us to listen because I don’t want to miss anything.
    6) If we can be hard working but also loosen up when we can then no one will be too stressed so then we can have a fun but also productive class.

  20. 1) To Me the value of learning is to think. I don’t mean read and do homework but to learn how to live.
    2) The role that I feel I must do is listening. I think you can learn more from others vs. trial and error.
    3) I think that we all need to think and not believe. What I mean by that is we should not just think what we are told, but to learn by facts.
    4) One of the truest quotes goes with this; "Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt." So I feel a teacher should make us make up our own thoughts.
    5) The best class would have thinkers more than just listeners.
    6) We should talk to each other to bounce ideas of one another, the fact that we are the same age helps with the production of our own opinions.

  21. 1)The value of learning is understanding what your doing when the teacher assigns homework because if you don't understand what the teacher assigned then you aren't gaining any knowledge from it.
    2) I feel my role as a learner is to listen to the teacher and also ask questions if I am not understanding something.
    3) A good student always ask questions, listens in class, goes above and beyond what the teacher says to do. I expect that it will be hard sometimes to pay close attention but I will defiantly try my hardest to focus the whole class time.
    4) I feel a good teacher is suppose to set a student up for success, not failure. Also I feel like a good teacher should treat the whole class equally.
    5) The best class I feel would be to have really good discussion time in class and read books that I feel will help me as I move on in school/life not just books I feel they are "busy work".
    6) I think this class should be a fun environment but serious when it comes to learning new material. We should interact with others so it's not always quiet.

  22. 1) The value of learning is to prepare yourself for the future.
    2) I believe my role as a student is to gain the utensules that my teacher teaches me and use them in everyday life.
    3) A good student is always prepared for class, listens, takes notes, and asks questions when need of help. I expect myself to work hard in class and pay attention to the lessons.
    4) I think a good teacher should always try to help the students to be sucessful in life and in the classroom.
    5) I think this would be a great class if the teacher tried to have fun while teaching so the students would be more interested and pay more attention while having a good time.
    6) I think this class would be a fun environment if we would interact and just have a good time in the classroom and try to make things more interesting for everyone.

  23. 1) Knowledge is what shapes who we will become and what future we will have; what choices we make are based on the knowledge we have and the way we use that information. Without knowledge there would be no logic.
    2) To learn what we can and to use what we learn.
    3) I can expect myself to at least try, and at most succeed.
    4) I expect good, quality teaching . My friends have given you high praises, I don’t doubt this year will be tough, but what’s the fun in gliding, right?
    5) I love interesting literature, so I guess I am in the right place.
    6) The class has to be paying attention at the appropriate times, and at others joining into the discussion.

  24. 1.) The value of learning is something you do for yourself so you do not cheat yourself out of experiences or make you ill-equipt to be successful or to appreciate life.
    2.)My role as a learner is to actually listen to who is teaching me and not just be there. My role is also to think about the material and to actively participate.
    3.)A good student takes notes and litstens to the teacher. Good students ask a lot of questions and try to push themselves to expand their thoughts.
    4.)A good teacher does not give the students a book and say "Here, learn this all on your own." That's being lazy. Good teachers help lead but do not think for the students.
    5.)An expectation I have is for everyone to feel comfortable enough to talk openly about issues that affect all of us and not interrupt or be judgemental of others.
    6.)To have a successfull class, I think we should all participate and consider and acknowledge other people's thoughts.

  25. 1) Learning is important in order to find what you are passionate about. By learning new things you find what you are fascinated by and you seek more knowledge about that topic. When you find something you care for you are happy to get up in the morning and that will help you succeed in your life.
    2) My role as a learner is to be open to new things that I may not think I am interested in. If I do not have an open mind I will miss out on something that may be of use to me later on.
    3) A "good" student comes to class prepared and optimistic. A good student knows when to be serious and when it is ok to have a good time.
    4) A good teacher is passionate about what they are teaching. If the teacher is not excited to teach then it will not interest the students which will make the class all about getting a good grade and not about how much you grow as a learner.
    5) I think if our class is respectful of one another than people will feel comfortable sharing their opinions and make for better discussions and class environment.
    6) In order to be a productive class we need to know that the reason we are there is to learn and not to entertain our friends. Enjoyment should be part of our class however it should be in what we are learning.

  26. 1.) What I think the value of learning is that it allows you to become and experience more then you could on your own. You get to absorb the knowledge and research of other people.
    2.) One role as the learner is to be critical and make sure your sources are legitimate. Another role is to understand what you are learning and WHY it's important.
    3.) A "good" student is organized and disciplined and is responsible for his or her own learning and is not afraid to ask questions. A "good" student strives to make learning a passion not a chore.
    4.) I expect a good, quality teacher to love and/or care about the subject they are teaching because that sparks people's interests. I expect them also to be organized but willing to digress if something unexpected occurs. A good teacher makes you want to keep exploring a subject long after you leave their class.
    5.) I always enjoy when a teacher can tie what we are learning about to current films. For example in a psychology class, it might be useful to watch parts of a movie like "Inception" that explores how the mind works.
    6.) The class needs to honor the presenter when he/she is talking. Also the class needs to energetically participate in discussions and group activities.

  27. 1.The value of learning is very important because you have to have an education to make it just about anywhere in todays sociaty.
    2. As a learner is to keep the door open and be willing to learn more things to broading my education and understanding of things.
    3. A "good student" is someone who does what is asked of them, and is interested in the varity of materials that are presented.
    4. A good quality teacher would consist of a teacher that love their job, and has a positive attitude no matter what challenges they face. And most important, to make learning FUN!
    5. One expectation for this class would be that we all stay on the same page, and keep a positive attitude even when a tough assignment comes around.
    6. In order to be a productive class we need to have a positive attitude walking in to the class, and remember that class isn't a social hour!

  28. 1) The value of learning is that it is what shapes us and prepares us for our futures. What we learn will effect the choices we make and where we end up in life. What we learn will affect the decisions we make and what we believe in.
    2) My role as a learner is to continually keep learning. For the rest of my life i want my knowledge of the world to grow.
    3) I expect a good student to always try his best. He always needs to do all his work on time and do it as best he can. He needs to pay attention in class and respect the teacher and all the other students. A good student should want to learn.
    4) I expect a good teacher to take her time and explain stuff until we understand it. I expect her to have fun and interesting ways to learn the information because that is how i learn best.
    5) It would be a great class if we all got to know each other really well and became comfortable with each other. Then all the class activities would be better.
    6) For the class to be productive and fun we need to do all sorts of activities. We will learn better that way. The class will just get boring if we don't do new things a lot.

  29. 1) What is the value of learning? The value of learning in my perspective is very important. When I learn, I hope to use that information to help understand all the questions and answers that are brought up in my everyday life.
    2) What is my role as a learner? My role as a learner is to understand the questions asked each day of my life so that I can come up with an answer. I try to learn as much as I can so that I can prepare my self for the future.
    3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do I expect of myself and my classmates as students and learners? As a student, I expect myself to pull out and soak up as much as I can from the lessons and lectures each day. I also expect myself along with my classmates, to use the information we learn in our everyday lifes as people.
    4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me? I expect a good teacher to teach students information they are going to use in the future of their own lives. In other words, teaching us about Romeo and Juliet or something along that nature I find nearly pointless because it teaches me nothing about modern day society, yeah it may have a couple good points, but those points could be summed up in a class period rather than twelve class periods.
    5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)I would say that getting to know our classmates and having interesting and fun things to talk about in class would turn out for a great class!
    6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like? Like I said before, in order to have a fun, productive learning environment, we would have to get to know each other and where every one's thoughts are and where they stand on certain topics.

  30. 1) Arguably the most important thing to me right now. Everything I learn is more than capable of impacting my future. Making it extremely important.
    2) My role as a learner is to understand concepts of subjects, and be able to answer any questions regarding them as accurately as possible.
    3) A good student always tries their best, seems interested in the work, and can turn in assignments both quickly and efficiently with evidence of being well prepared.
    4) A good teacher teaches their students something that will leave a lasting impression throughout their lives. For an example, teaching students about stories like Romeo and Juliet without a true meaning really seems pointless. It may teach morals in the end, but there are more efficient ways to tell those morals in a different, more modern and short piece of text.
    5) For the most part for everybody to be on the same page as each other, and to get even more out of the class than just improvement on reading and writing.
    6) One thing that can be done is to get to have everyone get to know one another. Therefore, we can most likely find out what people for the most part agree with, and it would be more interesting and a more fun environment in the classroom.