Monday, August 16, 2010


After watching our inspirational video, Inspired Bikes, please answer the following: (Make sure you are being true to your response-
1. What lessons can we take away that involve struggle, potential, expectations, work ethic etc.? (Hence, what do these videos have to teach us regarding these issues?)
2. How might these ideals apply to your future or present day life?
3. What are you passionate about REALLY?


  1. 1) The video shows us that if you really want something don’t be afraid to go after it even if it feels like it’s far away. You might struggle but you have to keep at it. It’s like that for everything in your life. You shouldn’t just go through the motions because that won’t make you any better than you already are.
    2) Well to my future if I really want it than I should try improving and doing everything I can to make the most of my life experiences. If I didn’t do most things I did when I was younger I bet I would be a totally different person and I like who I am.
    3) I'm really passionate about writing my own book putting down my thoughts. Writing my life story and living instead of reading about someone else’s life.

  2. 1. The lessons we can take away from all those things is that it only makes us a stronger and better person. It may not seem like it right away but it will. The video showed us to live our lives the way we want. It may be scary because you're setting yourself up for failure, maybe, but if you don't try then you will never know. We have to be willing to accept these things.
    2. It teaches me that I will never fulfill my life unless I do what I want. I have to be wiling to work and struggle to meet expectations of mine but in the end i will only live up to my own potential. I can't let another day go by without living up to the potential I have.
    3. I am really passionate about soccer. It really is my life. When I'm on the field I feel that is the once place I'll always belong. It connects me to what I can't connect to anymore because its gone.

  3. 1. In the video he falls over and over again trying to perfect the trick. And he never gives up until he gets it. He always gets back up one more time than he fell down, that's what I think the video is saying to us.
    2. I learned that in daily life and the future I will have struggles that I have to face head on and not give up until I successfully make it through.
    3. My passion is baseball. I have been playing it since I was a little kid and I love it every season. The sport finds a way to tie you with those 8 other guys and you really do become a family.

  4. 1. What I got out of this video is that if want to be good at something you need to have a strong work ethic. Whether it's sport related or academics you need to put in the time in order to get better. Another thing that I noticed in the beginning of the video was that he would fall trying to perform a trick. Even though he would fall, he would always get back up and try again. This is very important because the only way you can better at something is by learning from your own mistakes.

    2. I can apply this to my life by having the same work ethic as the biker. It is very obvious that he didn't just get better over night and that he put in the time and effort to become what he is now.

    3. I am passionate about many things but one sport that is very close to me is skiing. I feel like that when I am on the mountain that all my stresses and worries are gone, and that it's just me in my own world.

  5. 1)These videos teach us that whatever you want you can get it if you work hard enough. Also it tells us to do something that you like. This world is hard sometimes and you need to have an outlet that is something you enjoy. Wether its a sport you love or whatever.
    2)It'll help me not take everything so seriously. to take some time every now and then to just sit back and relax and become stress free for a while.
    3)I know its a common thing to say but my passion is just to help people and put myself out there for people who need me. My dream is too just go down to Africa and literally walk around the continent from town to town just helping people with whatever they need.

  6. 1) What I took away from these videos is if you really like doing something and you think you are good at it then you should pursue it and you need to have a strong work ethic to pursue your dream.
    2) I feel that I can apply this to my life by always having a good work ethic and really push to succeed because I know that the biker did not just try all those stunts once he did them over and over until he finally nailed it.
    3) I am passionate about a lot of things in life and I should go for all of the things I want to do and not have to pick just one.

  7. 1. The video demonstrates that there are always obsticles in your life and that there is always a way to get around it, no matter how big they are. You just have to keep working and persevere. Also it teaches us that we need to set high expectations or else we'll never reach them.
    2. These ideals apply to life now and in the future with sports, school, social life, acting, and a lot of other aspects of life. Sports can be difficult and competitive, but whether its with a team or not, you can get passed anything. School can be dull and hard, but like sports you can get by anything. Socially, people can be like wild animals ready to tear something apart but don't let anything get you down. Acting wise, there is no script too big to take down by the horns.
    3. My passions are acting and playing all sorts of sports, especially baseball. So the whole persevering and obsticle thing applies to both of those greatly actually. That's what my teams are for, to help us get through anything and everything.

  8. 1) The Inspired Bikes video shows us that as humans, we have the potential to do anything we set our mind to. Although he struggled at the beginning to master the stunts, he never gave up and by the end of the video he made every trick look easy.
    2) Everyday presents new struggles and things to overcome. Whether it is something very simple, or a life goal, I know that I can achieve it by being determined and hard working.
    3) I am passionate about those that I love. It is important to me that my family and friends always know that they are a huge part of my life and that I am grateful that they are here.

  9. 1) The videos showed us that if we are inspired to do something, with enough practice and time we can achieve anything we want. We might struggle the first few times like the guy on the bike did in the beginning of the video but he tried over and over until he got it.
    2) Usually if I try something and I don't get it the first 3 times I get really frustrated but I think it applies to my future because I could have a hard time finding a job or something but I'll know to not give up and get frustrated but to keep on trying.
    3) I'm really passionate about photography. I love taking scenery pictures. I'll go out during a sunset or sunrise and take pictures of it. I think it's amazing how something so normal like a sunset or sunrise or even just the mountains in the winter can be so beautiful when you focus on it.

  10. 1. The videos that we watched show us that sometimes in order to get something and be good at it we have to try and make mistakes, but keep going. It shows us that when we really want something we push to strive for success. It shows us that the harder our work ethic the better off we are at thus succeeding. I also think that the videos showed us that when you set expectations and goals for yourself, you push yourself harder to reach those goals.

    2. These ideals will help me in the future because there will be times when I struggle, but have to keep trying in order to succeed. They also help in me in present day and future because I have expectations and goals that help shape me into a better person and that help me learn and succeed. It also shows that sometimes the harder things in life aren't handed to you, and if you really want it, you work for it to be better.

    3. I am passionate about the world around me, what's happening in the world, my friends and family, and dancing and being active. I love to be outside, moving. I love to dance because it's an amazing feeling to be able to do something that takes skill and patients. I am also thankful to have a wonderful family and great friends. I also like to read the paper and go online to see what's happening in the world because I like to get involved and help and make a difference in some way. I don't just like to know about what's happening in the U.S. I want to get outside my comfort level and read about people in the world that could use my help.

  11. 1. The video showed us that things aren't always easy and it takes lots of practice to get good at something you are passionate about, and if you work hard at it anything is possible.

    2. I can learn a lot from that at trying harder in things like academics and do things to my full potential even if it means working at it more, it pays off in the end.

    3. I am passionate about the things that i enjoy and make me happy, i love playing guitar in my free time, i like the amount of creativity involved and the fact that you can always improve at it. I am also passionate about filming and editing videos and or film and movies, i want to go into a career as a cameraman or a film producer.

  12. 1) What the video demonstrated is that hard work is required in order to reach your potential. Even if you have a talent for something you will never know what you are truly capable of if you do not work at it. It doesn't matter how looming the tasks ahead may be if you put your mind to something anything is possible.

    2) I can apply this to my life now and in the future by not selling myself short. I think my biggest obstacle can be myself. This may sound backwards but failing does not scare me, I know it is just a part of life, achieving everything I am capable of and more is the problem.

    3) I am passionate about life. I love the little moments throughout the day like when my favorite song comes on the radio, or by paying someone a compliment it really seems to make their day better. I try to keep in mind that today could be my last and ask myself if I am enjoying my life and living it to the fullest.

  13. 1) After seeing this video, it has not only inspired my to buy a bike but also to never give up in life. Everything has struggle and conflict, but nothing has so much of those things that make it impossible to overcome. This video has taught me that anything can be overcome.
    2) These ideals will easily be applied to my everyday life by simply working harder in things i believe in and love to do.
    3) I'm REALLY passionate about sports and games. I'm really competitive and hate to lose even if it is monopoly or foosball. But I'm most passionate about football and lacrosse and strive to be as good as i can in both those sports.

  14. 1. This video taught us that no matter how dangerous or daring something might be, you always have to put effort into what you are trying to accomplish. At the beginning of the video, the guy tries to ride his bike on the fence and falls multiple times but he keeps getting back up again. This is a major lesson I think we must all learn in life. When you fail you just have to get up and try again.

    2. This applies to present day life with many of the things people my age are doing. The ACT and SAT are coming up very fast and I know everyone wants to do the best possible, but if we don't we can't just be okay with it. We have to sign up again and re-take the test.

    3. I am really passionate about singing and music in general. I have been playing piano for 13 years and I'm currently in choralettes. Music is my life and I'm definately going to continue moving forward with it.

  15. 1)The videos show that there is struggle in life but through your work ethic and expectations out of yourself you can achieve anything. In the beginning of the Inspired Bikes video he can’t make it over the fence but he wouldn’t take that as his final result. He kept working at it and finally achieved his goal.
    2)These ideals apply to my future because if I realize there is a way around my struggles I can achieve anything I want to do in my everyday life. It might not be as difficult as riding a bike up trees but I will still have the same effort into whatever I am doing.
    3)The things I am most passionate about is sports especially lacrosse. I’ve been playing lacrosse for such a long time I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I love the feeling of competing and hanging out with your friends on the field.

  16. 1) This video showed me to dream big and never give up. Even though something might seem impossible at first if you keep working at it you can achieve your goal. You have to set your goals high if you want great success.
    2) I am going to be faced with many obstacles in life but I have to learn to overcome them. Just because I fail the first time in something doesn't mean I should give up. If I want greatness I will have many great obstacles in life that will be very hard to overcome.
    3) I am passionate about running. It is something I do for fun and competitively. It is something I am really good at. I enjoyed it even before I found out i was good at it or did it competitively.

  17. 1. The video shows that if you want something you are going to have to work for it. Otherwise your success wouldn’t be much of a victory.
    2. In life you are going to have to work to achieve everything. Everything worth having is worth working for.
    3. I am passionate about film and visual art. I create videos at home and I would be the annoying person in the back of the movie theater talking about how great that camera angle was.

  18. 1. I think that watching the video "Inspired Bycicles" shows a lot about what you can accomplish through hard work. If you dont give up no matter how hard things get, when you have a goal in mind theres a way to reach it.
    2. These lessons apply to me in my life right now because i have so many things that I want to accomplish but I have the mind set that its too hard but looking at that video makes you realize throught hard work you can accomplish almost anything.
    3. I am really passionate about a lot of things in my life. I am passionate about stunting in cheering. I love the fact that I play a major role in the group. I would also say I'm very passionate about the people I care about. I always try to make an effort to be there for the people I care about and make them happy.

  19. 1. What lessons can we take away that involve struggle, potential, expectations, work ethic etc.? (Hence, what do these videos have to teach us regarding these issues?. Anyhthing can be achieved, and perseverance and time will get you there. Everyone has potential but not everyone persues it. It's up to you when you want to go the distance.
    2. How might these ideals apply to your future or present day life? In my life, I believe I can do anything. Believing in myself is half the battle, the other half is getting myself out there and doing what I set out to do.
    3. What are you passionate about REALLY? My passion is living and anything that goes with it. I love my family and friends who help me to live my life to it's limits.

  20. 1) For me, it showed that almost anything is possible. If you fail once, you may actually be in good company. All you have to do is keep on trying and most likely you'll end up later in life where you want to be.
    2) That I must push myself to my limits in order to reach what my thought of what my full potential is. I have to keep trying in order to finally reach what I want to be called satisfactory.
    3) For the most part it's music. I love listening to it, and I even love composing it on my computer with several types of programs. I also enjoy film and photography whenever I am open to it.

  21. 1) In the inspiration videos, it showed us that if you really put your mind into it, than nothing is impossible.
    2) That I need to push myself to greater heights to reach my dreams of what I want to do in the future.
    3) I haven't really found a passion that I can stick with, but I love listening to music and I enjoy writing. I love to write different types of writing about my life.

  22. 1) The videos reminded me to never give up no matter how difficult my dream. My dream is worth pursuing for myself. When we pursue our dreams, there will be obstacles but it's important to learn from the obstacles, and move forward.
    2) The last six months of my life have been really difficult. Like the biker in the video, I have to get up every day and deal with my struggles no matter how challenging they get.
    3) My passion is helping kids who have lost a parent. I want to help them find joy in life. Through my grief group, my eyes have been opened to the lack of research and understanding of how kids and teens go through grief. I want to write a book that helps explain what kids and teens need to begin healing; I'll also talk about what's not helpful.

  23. 1. After watching the “Inspire Bicycle” video it has inspired me to do things that I have never thought possible. The things Danny MacAskill can do with a bike, are things I could barley even dream of. I think it’s pretty cool to hop the curb on my bike, never mind do a back flip off of a tree! Danny’s video has helped me believe that anything is possible with the right mindset and attitude.
    2. In my life now, I can honestly say that Danny’s video has inspired me to not only workout harder but to become the best at what I do. The feeling of being the best at something is an unexplainable feeling and I want to experience that in every aspect of my life.
    3. I am passionate about everything in my life, including school and sports. I am also passionate about music. I love listening and playing. But sports are my true passion. I love everything about sports, the healthy competitive component that it gives and also I have always had the drive to be the best. And that is what I am always striving for.

  24. 1.) Everyone will take something a little different away from these videos. Danny, in the bike video struggled to achieve his goal that he set for himself, because I bet that did not happen overnight. He kept practicing until he got it right. Testing ourselves is what makes us the best we can be and there will be expectations and jobs that will be hard and you just have to keep pushing. It makes us stronger and prepares us for what lies ahead. If you don’t try, then you will never know that you could. I know that if a wall gets put in front of me in life and I think there is no way around, I will climb over and never stop trying. I believe that everyone has the potential for anything but only a few will succeed, I am one of the few.

    2.) I have had lots of ups and downs in my life. I know life will never be easy. Challenging yourself is how you create and defines who you are. You don’t want people to remember you as someone who never cared, who never tried anything. I want to live out my life, live as long as I can and excel in things that some only dream about because they are not strong enough to go out there and fail maybe once, twice, or 100 times. My failures tell me that I just have to find a different way, not that I made a mistake and now it’s over. You haven’t truly failed unless you stop trying.

    3.) I am passionate about a lot of things, some I might have more passion about than others; like Dance. I have been dancing since I was three or four years old and since then I have never stopped. I have tried stopping to try something new and I just won’t (not that I can’t) it’s that I don’t want to. It brings me such joy and when I am out dancing with friends; my troubles just seem to evaporate right into thin air. I have set a goal for myself and I might not get it at first but I will keep trying. My goal is to become the best dancer I can be and enjoy every minute. Another thing I are stories, the way they draw you in and keep you sucked in until you get to the end and there are no more pages to turn. It’s as if a story that can lock you in really engraves something inside of you, or turns a key to endless possibilities. I like stories that make you think, and actually make you feel you are right there living it, all the emotions: fear, love, hate, happiness, despair, suspense, horror, loss, and abandonment. Passion is what fuels me.

  25. 1. The videos showed us what our potential as humans is and that it takes time and effort to surpass our limitations and accomplish our goals.
    2. These ideals apply to my life because in order for me to get better at anything weather it be at school or sports i have to put time and effort into it in order to get anything out of it.
    3. To be completely honest I really don't know what I am truly passionate about, I have tried time and time again to figure this out but I haven't had any experiences that have made me realize what I am passionate about.

  26. 1) The lesson we can take is to keep striving and never give up. Like in the video when he falls, but he keeps trying and gets it.
    2) They apply to my life everyday because I have to push myself now so I can have a good future.
    3) I'm passionate about sports. I play three sports and i don't know what i would do if I wasn't playing sports.

  27. 1. These vidoes teach us to never give up no matter how many times we fail. I think the only way to get good at something is to work at it and fail at it until you succeed. If you keep a good work ethic and work through struggling to work up to your expectations, eventaully you will get good rewards from your hard work.

    2. These ideals could be used in my present for schoolwork. I usually get relaxed a while into the school year and stop doing my best, but if I keep working hard, i should be able to develope a habit and get really good grades.

    3.I am passionate about succeeding in life. I don't want to go through an ordanay life when I get older. I want to do great things, and make a lot of money, and be known for the things I do and have accomplished.